We feel blind corner cabinets should be made illegal. If you have one you probably agree. If you have two you’re probably collecting signatures. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of good options for dealing with blind corner cabinets, although there are a few.

The most popular solution being touted today involves multiple slide-out shelves extending and retracting over each other (much like those sliding tile games so popular in grade school). And while it is a popular solution, it’s certainly not a very good one. You still end up with an access problem–the very thing you were trying to solve in the first place, only now you’ve also paid for the privilege. There are several ingenious products designed specifically for blind corner cabinets (most of the better ones coming out of Germany and Italy). But before you get too excited, they tend to be expensive and only rarely fit into our American style face-frame cabinets, but they are worth exploring. So, what’s left? It depends on your kitchen layout.

If your blind corner cabinet is situated within an island or peninsula we may be able utilize all the available storage space in an efficient, easy to access way, by creating an access cut out through the back or side panel of the cabinet (even the abutting pony wall if needed) into that otherwise inaccessible portion. Then we insert a tunnel sleeve with slide-out shelves, and finish it all with a new frame and access door.  You end up with slide-out shelves that extend through the new cut out and into the adjoining space. We know–this really is a case where a picture is worth 1000 words. To that end……

Here are some others we’ve done. Below this you’ll find information about the process and charges.

Installation and Pricing Information

Typically these installs require two visits, the first to cut the access panel and pull the dimensions for the sleeve and slide-out shelves, the second to do the actual installation. If we’re fabricating a simple door or drawer front we can usually do everything within just a day or two. If we’re ordering and color matching cabinet doors, that takes more time (sometimes several weeks), although that can usually be done in advance so that they’re ready we come to cut in the access panel.

There are a host of variables that determine the total cost of converting any particular blind corner cabinet. Once we know what your particular job will entail, we’ll happily provide you with an itemized cost estimate. The final cost generally runs between $550 & $900 depending on labor hours needed; the number and size of the slide-outs being installed; and the size, type, and finish you want on the door(s) or drawer front.