The monster in nearly every kitchen that has one, is the built-in pantry. They’re too deep, too dark, and too often the final resting place for an assortment of items long past their sell-by date. Until now your only options for pantry organization were from companies specializing in closet organizers. We do closets too, and we understand the value of a good closet organizer–for clothes! For food storage you need a system designed around the idea of maximizing useable space while making access to everything easy.


NOTE: This page of our site is for built-in pantry spaces.  If you are exploring how to improve a tall pantry cabinet (as part of your existing kitchen cabinetry), see our pages on slide-out shelves (and maybe our pull-out shelves too).

We start our collection of pictures with a series of our most popular designs and configurations and follow it up with two sliders that show off some of our more elaborate installations. Below that you’ll find information about design and configuration, construction methods and materials, space and door modifications, information about the installation process, and of course, information on the pricing of our pantry systems.

Featuring modifications to both space and doors

Originally this was described as a “nightmare pantry–a black hole with [poorly operating] bi-fold doors and a few [fixed] white wire shelves.”  The solution: a side-by-side design that allows for individual access to each side. Altogether this customer gained about 40% more usable storage space and all of it easily accessible. We added even more storage space when we captured the space above the closet with a built-in double door storage cabinet. The new French style doors are actually the original bi-folds modified in our shop.

Featuring new, custom doors to match existing kitchen cabinets

This project included the cabinet above the refrigerator (which we outfitted with pull-out shelves) and the built-in pantry. Those beautiful double doors on the pantry were made to match the existing kitchen cabinets (although the impressive finish work was done by the home owner) and each holds an adjustable spice rack. The pantry itself includes pull-out shelves (upper most), a soup can pull-out, and adjustable slide-out shelves–all of which were set back in the cabinet sleeve to accommodate the spice racks. It was a fun project and the homeowners were thrilled with the results.


Walk-In, Reach-In, or Free Standing

Slides-outs and shelves are all adjustable

Heavy duty, full extension slides throughout

Space and door modifications available
Many configurations available

All slide-outs are à la carte–buy only what you need

Free CAD design rendered in 3D

Available for installation in 5-8 days

The Details

Design and Configuration
Our built-in pantry cabinets typically fill the entire opening (width and height) of the closet being used and are installed just behind your existing door(s). Obviously, a stand-alone system has no such constraints. The best design for your particular system will be a function of the space available, what you plan to store in the system, and the doors. For example, double door pantries (sliding or swinging) are better suited with side-by-side cabinets (each of which can be configured differently), while single, swinging door units need only a single cabinet. Once we have the dimensions of the space, we’ll design a system that works best your for needs. The design, which is done in our 3D CAD program, allows you to see it before you buy it.
Materials and Construction
Our pantry systems are built around a cabinet (or sleeve) that supports all the slide-outs, pull-outs, and shelves that make up your pantry. This cabinet is constructed of 3/4″ thermally fused melamine on an industrial grade particle board substrate. The back panel is 1/4 melamine and is set into a dado channel. Any stationary shelves (adjustable or fixed) are made of the same material. You can learn more about the construction of our slide-out shelves here.
Space Alterations & Door Modifications
Where required, we can make modifications to your existing pantry space, and/or the doors in order to maximize the usable space for your pantry. Examples of this would include expanding the closet opening; converting bi-fold doors to French style swinging doors; or replacing your existing doors altogether. We don’t do these kinds of modifications often, but when we do they will add to the total cost of the project–sometimes by several hundred dollars. A more accurate estimate for any needed modifications can’t be determined until we actually see the scope of the work involved.
In most cases your pantry arrives fully assembled and ready to install. The cabinet is placed in the opening, leveled, then anchored to the jamb just behind the door(s). Once in place we’ll seal any visible seams, install the toe kick, then install the slide-outs at the level you choose. Typical installations take less than 3 hours, but could take longer depending on the size and complexity of the job.




For the most part, built-in pantry systems most be quoted to get a truly accurate estimate of the total cost of the project. That said, there are basically four elements that make up the total. 1) the cabinet sleeve we’re building; 2) the slide-outs you want in the sleeve; 3) any modifications to the space itself (including the door); and 4) installation.

Our most popular cabinet sleeves (along with pricing) can be downloaded here in PDF format  Pantry Cabinet Sleeves

All slide-out shelves (and pull-outs) are priced separately. You can find the pricing for these on the individual product pages.

Space and door modifications (if needed), as well as installation, are priced by quote only.