High-reach cabinets present two particular challenges with respect to slide-out shelves–visibility and accessibility. Simply put, traditional slide-out shelves just don’t work well in high-reach cabinets (especially deep, high reach cabinets) because they present a less than optimal view of their contents while also requiring a step stool to reach anything not situated in the very front. Our remedy, the pull-out shelf, a vertically oriented slide-out that offers great visibility and much easier access. All of our pull-out shelves include adjustable shelves and our heavy duty, full-extension slides.

Click through the pictures below and learn all about our pull-out shelves.  You’ll discover they work fairly nicely in narrow base cabinets also, and are outstanding for canned goods and other pantry items. Below the pictures you’ll also find detailed information about the materials and construction we use, customizations, information about installation, and of course, our price list.

Price Lists

Here’s the downloadable copy of our pull-out shelf pricing in PDF format:  Pull-Out Shelf Price List

Materials and Construction

Baltic Birch
Our pull-out shelves are constructed completely of 1/2″ Baltic birch–an imported hardwood ply. Designed specifically for the drawer box industry, this material is very strong, exceptionally stable, and sports a very attractive grain pattern. We leave the color natural and apply two coats of clear lacquer to protect it.
There is no better way to make a long lasting drawer box than using dovetail joinery. While our competitors either avoid them altogether, or charge a premium for them, all of our slide-out products employ dovetail joints, insuring a lifetime of service.
All of our pull-out shelves feature our heavy duty, full-extension slides. Larger units will use more than one pair to accommodate the extra weight.

Customizations & Upgrades

There are no upgrades available for our pull-out shelves.  Any customizations (such as the bookcase pull-out pictured above) are considered and priced on a quote basis.


Our pull-out shelves are mounted directly to the cabinet frame with or without the door attached.