Our divided slide-outs are a great solution for bakers and cooks alike. Be they for cookie sheets, cooling racks, roasting pans, or pot lids, slide-outs with adjustable dividers offer the ultimate in convenience, organization, and improved storage.

We include here a host of pictures to show you how our customers are using theirs. You’ll also find detailed information about the materials and construction, available customizations, information about installation, and of course, our price list.

The Scoop Front

Our most popular divided slide-out, the scoop front, works well for any opening width. With the lower, scooped front, access to any particular item is even easier. And you can divide all the way across, or just a portion of it. Moveable dividers are made of the same material as the drawer bottoms. We include 3 for every 12″ of width. Slide-out is 6″H on back and sides, 3″H in front.

Attached Door

Rather than the low front panel of the scoop front, this variation has a tall (10″) front panel able to support the cabinet door. The benefit is faster access with one easy motion. Moveable dividers are same material as the drawer bottoms. We include 3 for every 12″ of width. Slide-out is 6″H on back and sides, 10″H in front.

Pan Lid Divider

Another popular divided drawer (provided your cabinet is sufficiently wide) is our pan lid divider. It typically holds 8-10 lids. We don’t recommend this for openings less than 27″W.


Price Lists

Our price list is in PDF format for downloading:  Divided Slide-Out Price Sheet

Materials and Construction

Baltic Birch
The main drawer box of all of our slide-outs is constructed of 1/2″ Baltic birch–an imported hardwood ply. Designed specifically for the drawer box industry, this material is very strong, exceptionally stable, and sports a very attractive grain pattern. We leave the color natural and apply two coats of clear lacquer to protect it.
There is no better way to make a long lasting drawer box than using dovetail joinery. While our competitors either avoid them altogether, or charge a premium for them, all of our slide-out products employ dovetail joints, insuring a lifetime of service.
A stapled on bottom just won’t do! To insure your slide-outs never fail, we channel every side with a 1/4″ dado to completely capture and support the bottom. Our drawer bottoms are made of 1/4″ MDF with a thermally fused melamine finish in almond color.
Our standard drawer slide is 3/4 extension (does not extend all the way to the cabinet frame), white epoxy coated, and rated at 100lbs (though we recommend no more than 50lbs). We also offer a heavy duty, full extension slide–see Customizations and Upgrades below.

Customizations & Upgrades

Slide Upgrade
Our upgraded full extension slides allow for easier access to the items at the very back of the drawer while also supporting twice the weight. Our full-extension slide is a side mounted, all steel ball bearing slide that’s rated 100lbs (we recommend 80lbs or less).
You can easily adjust the height level of your slide-outs with custom pilasters. Our pilasters are made of poplar and are pre-drilled every 1 1/4 inch. Pilasters are available for both single and double door cabinets in standard height (for base cabinets), or tall (for pantry cabinets).
White or Almond
If you would prefer white drawer bottoms as opposed to almond, they’re available upon request at no additional charge.


Removing the center partition on double door cabinets

In many cases, we can remove the center partition between the doors in order to install full width slide-outs. Once removed, the partition is attached to one of the doors. As you can see in the pictures, the only visible evidence is the tiny gap both above and below the partition. We do charge for this service, but it usually costs less to do it and add just two slide-outs than it would to install four narrower ones. NOTE: Once we remove the center partition, installing the slide-outs will require adjustable pilasters (see below).

Installing for adjustability with pilasters

Pilasters are essentially pre-drilled posts made of poplar that are installed against the inner side walls of the cabinet. The drawer slides are then attached to the pilasters. Because the pilasters are pre-drilled, relocating the slide-out shelf is just a matter of moving the slides up or down to the desired location. Our custom pilasters are sold in sets for both single and double door cabinets, and are available in standard length (for base cabinets) and tall (for pantry cabinets). 


Frame mounting

Most slide-out shelves are installed in the same way your existing cabinet drawers are–the front of the drawer slide is mounted to the cabinet’s face frame and the rear is mounted to the back wall with special brackets. Slide-outs installed this way are not adjustable, though we are happy the set the upper slide-out(s) at a level that you specify.